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We are the Maze Group

The Maze Group is a group of niche agencies who are run by people who have a crazy passion for and are experts in their chosen field.

As a group, we love to identify and nurture raw talent and ambitious people to help them flourish in their career and give them the confidence and freedom to create their vision of the future.

Our Group Vision

To empower talented individuals and clients to help them on their journey to be successful.

Who are we?

As four individuals we came together 10 years ago with the aim to develop flexible and empowering work cultures, hire talent with an entrepreneurial mindset and work with clients who think in the same way.

Our people

The teams within each business come from a variety of backgrounds all with unique skills and experience. By empowering them with confidence, support and freedom they can blossom in their roles.

Our Group

The group now consists of eight specialist agencies who we have invested in and continue to help grow, mentor and develop.

Our services

Across the group, we offer a range of complementary services.

Content Marketing


Media Consultancy


Influencer Marketing

Art Direction & Design



Our Experience

We also have extensive experience in these sectors:






Outdoor Leisure

The incubation of niche businesses

Part of our model is to incubate new, fresh talent. With marketing and technology developing at such a speed, we have discovered specialists who have lived and breathed their niche. We give this talent the freedom and guidance to enable them to start a new business within the group and thrive.

Louis Brindle

Director at WXVE

“The freedom and support provided from Maze allows a much better work life balance, something which is vital in a creative industry where you can burn out so easily.”

Harry Seaton

Director at Fluential & TLNT

“I’d already worked with the partners for over 3 years and I can’t explain how valuable it is to already have those relationships with your co-founders.”

Dez Calton

Director at Optimyzd

“Being given the time and resources to improve me and the wider teams skills are invaluable. There is a real culture of nurturing and developing the people within the group.”

Client quotes

See what our clients have to say.

Alan Taylor

Managing Director, Your Local Paper

“Back in 2013, the concept of Your Local Paper was finalised and within 24 hours I was sat in the Maze Media offices with one of their team designing our masthead, page layout and style. Maze were an integral part of our original newspaper design and that role hasn’t changed moving forward. I would not hesitate to recommend all of their services and departments.”

Megan Smith

HR Advisor, Germains

“They have helped us to bring our projects to life through their creative. They continue to dedicate their time to visit our site, ensuring that they know what we require as a customer and what designs fit in with how we look as a company. This time and effort means we always get great results from the design team who produce projects that we are proud to share.”

Lucy and Richard Golding

Goldings and Market Bistro

“We could not recommend this local company enough. We’ve worked with them for nearly nine years, first at Market Bistro and now, with our new project at Goldings. We have always been over the moon with everything they have done for us.”

Gerry Bucke

Managing Director, Adrian Flux

“Maze’s biggest strength is it’s people, they are great at finding, nurturing and mentoring talent.”

Our Careers

Want to be part of the Maze family? Our latest jobs are below

Maze Media

Junior Designer

Location: King’s Lynn

To The End

Head of Content

Location: King’s Lynn & London


Freelance Editor

Location: Remote

To The End

Data Analyst

Location: King’s Lynn & London


PPC Specialist

Location: King’s Lynn & London

To The End

Marketing Copywriter

Location: King’s Lynn & London

Latest headlines

We are always pushing boundaries. See whats happened this month.

Maze Media and To The End offer marketing support.

Businesses of all sizes in King’s Lynn and around the world are facing up to monumental challenges as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. To try and help them adapt and rethink their approach, seven members of the Maze Group offered marketing advice in their areas of expertise.

They shared tips on design, advertising, digital marketing, email marketing, organisation, social media and content for a client and you can read their guidance by clicking on the links above.

We create a reach of 25 million in one room.

Our influencer agency Fluential hosted a creators party for TikTokers, Youtubers and Instagramers in The Orbit based in Stratford. This was in partnership with Adrian Flux Insurance, which saw a spectacle of Mirror Dancers, Driving Simulators and access to the world’s tallest and longest slide. We reached an audience of 25 million all in one room for our client Adrian Flux.

The group welcomes 3 new members.

As a group we are forever growing, welcoming new members into the family. We have just welcomed 3 new talented individuals, Adam Tucker joins Fluential as Campaign Coordinator, Katie Ecclestone joins To The End as Head of Content and Jasmine Batchellor-Sequeira joins To The End as Marketing Copywriter. We are still filling roles across the group, check out our “Careers” section to see available roles.

Let’s start this journey.

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